My Process

Here’s the usual workflow of the writing process:

1) Client Details

You share the details of your project here.

2) Project Discovery

I contact you regarding my availability to take on your project and discuss additional details with you. We decide on a project scope, timeline, and other relevant aspects of the project. Our discussions may take place via E-mail, phone, Facetime, or Skype.

3) Project Proposal

Based on our discussions, I write up the specifications of your project, the details of what I provide for you, and the rate I charge. Then I send my proposal to you for review.

4) Written Agreement

Once you approve the proposal, I send you a written agreement that includes the particulars of your project and information on things like the project timeline, rights sold, and payment terms. I also invoice you for the down payment amount specified in our agreement (50% – 100% of the total fee).

5) Writing

Once the initial invoice is paid, I work according to the project details and timeline we’ve laid out. I keep in touch with you via E-mail (or your project management system if you prefer) for status updates.

6) Submission

I submit your piece/project to you in your preferred format and by the deadline specified in our agreement. At this point, I also invoice you for any remaining balance due.

7) Revisions

You contact me within the timeline specified in our agreement to request a set of minor revisions to the submitted piece.  I ensure that I understand your requested edits and have the necessary information I need. Then I complete the revisions within the timeframe specified in our agreement. If additional rounds of revisions are needed, we follow the same procedure until you’re thrilled with the final article.

8) Final Submission

I submit the final project to you in your preferred format, and you’re ready to go!

9) Extra Work (optional)

If there is additional work you would like performed that is outside the scope of our original agreement, you can request those extras. Since we’re embarking on a new project, the process begins again with a discovery phase, quote, and written agreement.

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