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Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

A headshot of Chris Clukey. He is a cauacasian man with short dark hair and a salt-and-pepper goatee, wearing a white shirt and dark blue tie.I once had a six word memoir published (see below), but this may be a bit longer than that. 

The TL;DR? I’m a nerdy Maine boy who fell in love with a gorgeous Midwest girl, and also an Air Force veteran, Dad, scout leader, reading addict, and scale model builder.



Fun Facts About Chris

Ayuh, I’m from the coast of Southern Maine. Some of my family’s roots there go back more than 350 years.

I still sometimes say “Ayuh,” in place of “yes.” I’m also still a Red Sox fan

The first thing any member of my family will tell you is that I had my “nose in a book” at all times from an early age.

My two younger brothers are twins and my earliest memory is my parents bringing them home from the hospital.

Our Dad was a firefighter who drove stock cars (since I have been less than athletic all my life, I wear his number on my Packer jersey) and our Mom was a full-time homemaker with the wisdom to shove us outside in the fresh air whenever possible.

We lived just down the road from one of the largest dairy farms in the state, and had the run of acres of fields and woods.

We picked wild blueberries every summer, and watched deer gathering by the dozens in the hayfield across the road at dusk—until they vanished each year on the day before hunting season!

After we moved further out from the city, I once encountered a bull moose grazing in our backyard.

After graduating from Bonny Eagle High School (Go Scots!) I served in the Air Force as a crew chief on KC-135 refueling jets. I learned a lot about organization and managing tasks with many moving parts, sometimes literally.

I served in some great units, traveled throughout the US and Canada, learned to scuba dive in Lake Huron,  and had the privilege of crewing the 310th Squadron’s VIP jet at Plattsburgh Air Force Base.

I met the most beautiful woman in the world while we were serving in the 379th Bomb Wing together. Thank God I was wearing my dress blues when we met! Thirty years and four kids later, it seems to be working out.

Carol figured prominently in my six word memoir: “School geek married a luscious cheerleader.” It was chosen out of more than 11,000 entries to be published in “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs From Authors Famous and Obscure,” and appeared in the book trailer with the memoirs of Nora Ephron, Deepak Chopra, and Joan Rivers.


Carol is now a registered nurse, and in 2020 she went on a multi-week medical mission trip to Kenya, treating over 500 patients and getting home just before the pandemic broke here in the States.

As our children got involved in scouting, I did too, serving as a Den Leader, Cubmaster, and volunteering with the BSA and American Heritage Girls.

In addition to outdoors-y activities like camping and hiking, I love to read and build scale models. I’m interested in too many things to pick one type of modeling, so I build pretty much everything except armored vehicles. (Tank treads involve too many fiddly bits for my taste.)

Favorite saying: “Optimism is a force multiplier.”—Colin Powell


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