I write epic finance content for businesses. 

   – Christopher Liew, CFA


Content is crucial to your business


You know how important content is. Amazing content can:

👉 Draw thousands of potential customers to your business.

👉 Establish your business with maximum credibility.

👉 Skyrocket your email subscribers.

👉 Give you an advantage over your competitors.

As a business owner, your time is precious. Crafting top notch content is something that can eat a lot of that time up.

By hiring me, you can save time, grow your readership, get more email subscribers, and increase your brand awareness.

Does this sound like you?


You are part of a financial business and:

☑️ Want to attract new readers and convert more leads to customers.

☑️ Need high-quality, well-researched, and engaging content that your readers can trust and come back for more.

☑️ Want to focus on your core business, and save time by hiring someone to create content.

☑️ Prefer to work with an experienced professional with an efficient and transparent writing process.

☑️ Want to work with a writer that has extensive finance work experience and education.

Can I Help You?

I’m Christopher Liew. I’m a freelance finance writer, article ghostwriter, and CFA Charterholder.

I write killer finance content that engages readers and converts them to customers.

✅ Over 400 published finance articles, with more ghostwritten.

✅ CFA Charterholder since 2016.

✅ 11 years of finance industry experience as a finance writer, energy trader, commercial valuations specialist, and financial advisor.

With me, you get the best of both worlds. With my background, I can craft complex and technical research driven articles. I can also create personal finance pieces that are entertaining and easy to understand.

I have two rules for my writing; never be boring, and always grab the curiosity of the reader.

I study the data behind each article I’ve written. I know what titles and topics draws the attention of readers, and what doesn’t. This experience is invaluable for creating content that will resonate with your readers.

If you’re looking for a professional to create high quality finance content that is customized for your business, I can help.



Christopher’s insight and knowledge are valued here at Motley Fool. With hundreds of articles published, he has met 100% of his deadlines and is a pleasure to work with.

Sam Robson

International Editorial Director, Motley Fool